A few rare pictures of Donna Ambrose back in the 80-s

It is hard to believe but Danica Collins is working as a model for over 30 years now! Previously she was known under her stage name Donna Ambrose. Here is a couple of pictures of her taken back in the 80-s.

Internet made it easy for people to enjoy beautiful women. Today virtual date with Danica Collins requires nothing but clicking the link and accessing her official site Just Danica. But in the 80-s people used to have this picture clubs where hot girl were posing naked and boys were taking pictures of them.

Here is a couple of fan pictures of Donna Ambrose having fun with other ladies in one of those clubs. I am truly amazed with the fact that Danica haven't changed much since that time. Currently she is using different hairstyle and maybe her tits got a little bigger. But aren't we love them huge?

Danica is amazing woman! In the past she was a part of adult entertainment as Donna Ambrose and now, 30 years later, she is still extremely hot and sharing her sexuality via her official website Just Danica! God bless this woman and let's enjoy her pictures and movies by clicking thr banner above!

Danica opens the class for mastering the art of self control

Most of the big boys are in need of a strict teacher in order to learn the art of self control. Danica Collins looks like a perfect lady to do the teaching. Shall we begin?

The lesson itself is pretty simple: sit still and watch the way beautiful MILF takes down her sweater and feel her amazingly sexy cleavage in just inches from your eyes. You have to stay calm to prove the high level of your self control. Remember to keep your cock down low. Is it possible?

Danica pulls down her skirt revealing the fact that she does not wearing any panties underneath. The lady also brings out a pair of her remarkable boobs. At this very moment Miss Collins catches the sight of action in your panties: the cock gets hard with no matter of how hard you are trying to keep it low. Bad boy! You have to be punished! Danica Collins takes a whip in her hands. Now turn back and lower your pants: MILF teacher is going to whip you ass!

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Watch the way busty Danica fucks herself with a cucumber

You know that cooking can be pretty boring sometimes. Danica, however, has found the way of making it a bit brighter. Busty MILF is using common household objects or groceries to satisfy her sexual hunger when there is no male or sex toy available. What a naughty lady she is!

By looking in Danica Collins sparkling eyes and at the big cucumber in her hand you can tell that something kinky is going to happen. The size of the vegetable is so perfect so I am guessing it isn't going to be cooked but used in some other way. Do you have any ideas?

Danica starts by teasing her clitor: lady pulls her underwear tight while rubbing the pussy with the very top of the cucumber. You can see the girl getting wet almost immediately. I love the shameless way she looks at you while doing all this!

It is impossible to imagine Danica Collins playing with her pussy but forgetting about her tits. Today is not an exception and MILF pays lots of attention to her lovely pair. Busty lady twists her nipples, spills on them and then licks the tops of her boobs with her tongue.

Horny woman reaches that point when it is time for cucumber to dive in. Danica spreads her legs wide and the pushes it all the way down to her pussy. The vegetable slides in smoothly, causing shattering orgasm! Danica slides down on the floor with a deep moan. Here she is: beautiful, exposed and cumming. Still having a cucumber deep inside her cunt and drops of juice dripping out of her throbbing pussy, Danica is desirable as never before!

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Danica is teasing you by wearing black pantyhose

By posting another set of pictures of Danica wearing pantyhose I would like to state that nylon is one of the nicest inventions of the humankind! Is there anything else that can attract male attention better than a beautiful woman wearing pantyhose and who is doing lots of kinky upskirts? Danica Collins is definitely the right type of woman for this type of action!

Red sweater and short skirt are mostly the only clothes Danica put on today to cover her nudity. The absence of panties becomes obvious once MILF starts spreading her legs. It feels truly amazing - to sit near a beautiful woman like Danica Collins knowing that she isn't having her underwear on. It is possible to stop those kinky thoughts that are running in your head right now?

Danica is having a naughty plan of seducing you by doing a kind of stripping. The first thing that goes off is her skirt. Miss Collins comes closer so you can smell her pussy, feel the heat of her body and touch her sexy pantyhose legs. This babe knows the right ways of teasing men!

The next minute Danica Collins lies back on the couch and pays attention to her boobs. Lady takes both of her enormous breasts out of the bra cups ad exposes them shamelessly. She twists and squeezes them passionately so her pussy goes wet almost immediately. Busty lady asks you to help her pulling down her pantyhose. How would you like to fuck Danica? To bury your cock between her tits? Or maybe you prefer her to be sucking your dick? Name your fantasy and naughty Danica will turn it into a reality!

Pantyhose, stockings and lingerie are Danica Collins best friends. There ais no other thing that she loves more than posing in front of you in these. Go to lady's official site Just Danica to download hi-resolution pictures and watch HD movies. I bet you never experienced anything as exciting as Danica does a little teasing by doing erotic stripping! Don't waste another second and click the banner bow! Let busty MILF to charm you with her astonishingly sexy body!

Horny Danica Collin does cleaning in her very own manner

It is time to perform a little cleaning in your apartment. Would you like Danica Collin to do the job? Knowing this naughty lady for a long time I recon it would be an amazingly sexy action. Danica just can't do without turning everything into a kind of kinky game and today she is wearing the right type of outfit to have it even more exciting!

Danica Collin moves around the room and does a lot of sexy bends while cleaning the dust. The upskirts are amazing and it is totally impossible not to look at her sexy ass. Danica is the type of maid you've always been dreaming of! She is always in the mood for something more than just a boring cleaning. Today she would love to play a little tease game with you. Are you in?

Busty MILF takes down her skirt and spreads her legs giving you a chance to enjoy every inch of her sexy legs and tight ass. Then Danica Collin pulls down her sweater, staying in nothing but black lingerie and full-fashioned stockings. Lady lies down on a sofa, exposes both of her big breasts and kisses them passionately. With no panties on you can almost feel the heat of Danica trimmed pussy. Hot woman goes on her knees, spreads pussy cheeks with her fingers waiting for you to fuck her doggy style!

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Danica Collins is desirable as never before in fur coat and black lingerie

Fur (as well as diamonds) is the girl's best friend. Just look at Danica Collins as she is posing in a brand new coat. I bet lots of you guys are having erotic fantasies about busty MILF woman wearing nothing but black lingerie, stockings and luxurious fur coat. Well enjoy then!

Danica Collins is dressed as if she is going to have a trip to Siberia! That coat costs almost a fortune but isn't it the way chic ladies like Danica should be dressed? Elegant and stylish: those are the first words that come to my mind when looking at those pictures. Isn't she sweet?

Another word that you might think of ones Danica Collins throws open her coat would be sexy! Being a fan of her for many wears I was expecting something kinky to happen but I wasn't ready to see the MILF not wearing panties! There are many ways woman can use to charm a man but wearing almost nothing underneath the fur coat is something very special!

Lying on her back and having a good pair of her tits fully exposed Danica Collins looks desirable as never before! Would you like to join her and have some fun with busty MILF?

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Sexy MILF Danica Collins posing in nothing but pantyhose and sweater

Normally it takes Danica Collins just a few minutes to seduce a man. Would you like to be the one to become charmed by this exceptionally sexy lady? Danica is wearing really kinky apparel for this occasion and there is no chance for you to escape her charms. What would you say about having a cup of tea with beautiful MILF wearing nothing but sweater and pantyhose?

Danica Collins understands well the power of lingerie and full fashioned stockings in the field of fascinating boys. But today she is in the mood for something totally different. I've seen Miss Collins wearing lots of sexy outfits but her today's outfit exceeds all expectations if we are talking about naughty dressing!

You might believe me or not, but Danica Collins needs just a few ordinary pieces of clothes to put on to become the hottest MILF you've ever seen. Today those are pair of classic high heel shoes, see-through pantyhose and a sweater. It sounds really simple but, oh my, does she look fantastic? Can you possibly refuse to drink tea with a woman like that?

It was really clever for Danica not to put panties underneath her pantyhose. Wide belt put around woman's waist also looks pretty sexy. Tea is the last thing you are thinking about when standing next to Danica. You can almost feel the heat of her body and smell that sexy perfume she is using! It looks like most of your erotic dreams are going to come true today!

Danica Collins might look like a lady but she does not always act like one. You are lucky to be near once she is in the mood for one of those teasing-and-stripping things we all heard about. The girl starts pulling down her clothes slowly inviting you to join her in this horny erotic dance. What are you waiting for? Go on! Embrace Danica passionately and do whatever you want to satisfy her sexual hunger! Would you like to take the lady to her bedroom or maybe you would like to fuck her right on the counter top?

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Taking pictures of Danica Collins stripping in the summer sun

Danica Collins is in the mood for an outdoor stroll. Would you like to join her? Don't forget to take your digital camera because when walking with a naughty girl like Miss Collins there is always a chance of taking really kinky pictures!

Glamorous pictures of Danica Collins are normally shot in studio and are exceptionally exciting. But nothing can expose the sexuality of a busty MILF lady better than a series of photos made outdoors in the hot sun! By looking closely in the naughty eyes of Danica Collins you can tell that she is having something on her mind to make this walk unforgettable!

Holding those big tits in your hands is heavenly pleasantOutdoor pictures of Danica Collins flashing

White dress the girl is wearing matches perfectly with her tan color of her skin. When dressed like this Danica Collins reminds me the kind of southern beauties we all have sexual fantasies about! And it looks like yours are going to come true today!

Danica Collins loves being photographed. Camera makes her horny. Were you able to take pictures of her flashing? MILF pulled up her skirt a few times fully exposing the white lingerie she is wearing. Girl's panties are lacy and you can clearly see the pussy through! Would you like to come closer and take a few closeup shots?

It is time for big tits of Danica to be taken out of the tight bra cups and become exposed in the sunlight. Thousands of men around the world are dreaming about holding and squeezing those but you are the lucky one to do it! Danica Collins goes wet almost instantly once her hard nipples are getting twisted gently. Hot lady takes her knickers off and spreads her legs. Danica is waiting for you to come and give her a hard fuck she deserves! Would you like her to get on her knees and blow your cock? Fucking Danica between her tits would be another option! Or maybe you would like to fuck Miss Collins doggy style? She'll do everything to make you happy!

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Danica Collins is in her bedroom and teasing you with her sexy body and lingerie

Danica Collins can handle almost everything! She can turn herself into naughty secretary or become a dominant bitchy boss. The lady can do her housekeeping in a very kinky manner and enjoys flashing like no one else. But still: bedroom is the place where Danica belongs naturally!

It is impossible to imagine a man who would refuse to go in bed with Danica Collins! A beautiful woman like her was born to gratify men with her amazingly sexy body. But sexy appearance isn't the only things Danica would is going to charm you with! Miss Collins is currently in her late 40-s which means that she is experienced in the field of handling men. When having a date with Danica Collins you might expect every aspect to be perfect: starting with her outfit and ending with the way she takes your cock in her soft palms.

Today Danica is happy to have you in her bedroom. The lady picked up classic black baby doll dress to impress you. Together with full-fashioned stockings and high heel shoes it results an unbelievably sexy ensemble. Big tits of Danica Collins are tightly packed inside the cups but she would like you to take them out for a little play. Like most of the busty MILF girls she will go wet almost instantly once her breasts are being handled by your strong arms. Pulling down black silk panties is the next thing to do. Danica Collins is now lying on her back with her legs spread wide. Hot lady is all wet and waiting for you to fuck her. What are you waiting for?

Danica enjoys teasing men with sexy clothes and then rewarding them by turning their dirty sexual fantasies to reality! Naughty lady has more than a hundred of kinky episodes for you to enjoy! Once visiting her official website Just Danica prepare yourself to a whole range of classy erotic adventures! Danica will be posing in lingerie, wearing stockings and high heel shoes, performing naughty stripping! Later you will revel in that sexy body by fucking Danica Collins in any way you like it!

It takes Danica Collins just a few minutes to seduce a man: here is the secret of her success

It is amazing that Danica Collins combines two things men are crazy about: hot legs and big tits! It is impossible not to become a devoted foot fetish fan when browsing her picture galleries. I bet you feel the same about MILF's juggs. Danica is aware about your most intimate erotic fantasies and she is going to use her feet and boobs to seduce you.

There is something very special about Danica Collins and I am not sure what it is. She looks extremely sexy but a few additional things help her being the hottest MILF I know. Maybe it is about the way she picks up her clothes? There are lots of hot girls on Internet but it is impossible to find another who would look dressed as much as sexy as when being nude. Sometimes it is hard to decide what I like most: Danica posing naked or wearing short skirt, classy blouse, high heels and full-fashioned stockings. There are a few really nice pictures of Danica Collins I've put in this post for you to understand what I am talking about.

Another thing Danica Collins is master at is the art of delivering herself. The lady may look totally innocent one second and then, almost instantly, start acting like a horny slut that dreams of a cock. This type of role switching captures your attention and leaves no chance of escaping the captivity of Danica Collins dark eyes. Look at the pictures: Danica starts posing being a shy housewife but then, as time passes, she turns into a sex-hungry whore that spreads her legs, looking forward be fucked! Isn't this the type of MILF you dream about in your erotic fantasies? With Danica each and every of your dirty thoughts are going to be made a reality!

Being seduced by Danica Collins is the type of pleasure you can't say stop to! The scent of her hair, the warm of her big tits, the slutty look of Danica eyes and the feeling of lying between her legs are the things you will never be tired of! Allow hot MILF to charm and appease you with her body and indecent behavior! Open Just Danica website, lay back, relax and prepare yourself for an unbelievably exciting erotic adventure! Click the banner above to start enjoying beautiful Danica Collins!

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